A Guide To Painting By Numbers

Painting by numbers is a fun and relaxing pass time. Everyone has their own method about how they go about painting their canvas but here are our tips and pointers on how to get the best from your paint by numbers.

Here's a video to show you how it works and then a full guide below

Before You Begin

Set yourself up in a brightly lit area so that you can see your canvas clearly.

Ensure that your work area is well protected, a plastic tablecloth is ideal for this.

Have a container of water so that you clean your brushes when changing colour.

Have paper towels or cloths on hand so that you can dry your brushes when washing

Start Painting

Select the colour that you want to start with, just follow the numbers on your canvas and fill in the area with the numbered colour. Many people like to fill in one colour at a time across the canvas although some like to work their way down the canvas. Whichever you choose ensure that you thoroughly wash your brush when changing colours. We would suggest for beginners that you do work through the canvas one colour at a time and then allow the paint to dry before moving onto the next colour.

When covering the numbers you may sometimes find that an extra layer is required, please take your time and don't rush as you don't want to use too much paint.

You may want to use a magnify glass for some of the very small detailed areas, just take your time and enjoy the process.


Once your painting is completed you will want to frame it, we do sell DIY framing kits if you wish to do so. Please make sure that your canvas is completely dry before you frame it.

Once you have framed it you can hang it on the wall and enjoy your painting for years to come.